The Himba People of Namibia

My cousin Shankar who keeps coming up with amazing pieces of information sent this link to me which I want to share with my readers.

We have a few such tribes still in existence in India too but they too are slowly succumbing to modernity. By the time our children reach our ages, perhaps none will be left to study and compare like this article has done so effectively.

8 thoughts on “The Himba People of Namibia”

  1. fascinating link.
    i went on to read the differences in eastern and western ways of thinking.
    i hope we get to watch that particular bbc series of documentaries here in America.
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

    1. There are so many interesting things to see on the television that the mind boggles. Unless like my cousin pointing out this program happens we tend to lose out on many good programs.

  2. Thank you. I’ve read similar things before, but I enjoyed the details about these people.

    Even in modern Western society different people notice different things and have different approaches to life. That’s why the Enneagram is so illuminating.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..It’s Nice to Have a Friend

  3. I just happen to see This Blog, I just wanted to know More about You Please, are You a NON INDIAN settled in India or what..? I am in a hbit to travelling but my age is 55 and I get tired easily due to Illness , I am delighted to know who have seen many parts of the world and know the ways that our India conducts, I agree not all things are bad here but certainly could be better

    1. You can learn more about me from this blog’s “About Me” page. You will see the button on the left top corner of the home page. I have written separately to you by email and look forward to your response.

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