The Hindu Muslim Equation In India.

Four sets of photographs which tell a story of sorts about India.

These are two photographs of me and my younger brother taken in 1963. Both of us were wearing “Sherwanis”. A long closed coat almost inevitably worn by the Muslims of Hyderabad and other places of those days. Except for some rare occasions like weddings and other formal occasions, nobody now wears these except the odd politician to score brownie points with his electorate.

This photograph has been widely published in India showing a Muslim mother taking her son made up as Krishna, to the latter’s school where they were to celebrate a Hindu festival called the Janmashtami which celebrates the birth of Krishna.

This is a picture of Hindus praying at one of India’s famous Dargas, the Ajmer Sharief.

This is another touching story that has just appeared in one of our popular weekly magazines, The Week. The article is self explanatory.

This was and in many respects is, the India of common people where cross religious practices were and are totally acceptable.

This is what is being challenged by fundamentalists of both religions.

Sad don’t you think?

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