The Hundred Foot Journey.


Unlike other films that I see after reading some review or the other, I decided to see this film primarily based on the following facts.

Produced by : Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey and Juliet Blake.
Intriguing cast led by Helen Mirren and Om Puri.
Music : A R Rahman.

I am told that the others involved are not light weights but these names in my book are heavy weights and I was intrigued enough that with this motley crew a film in English has been made. I decided to go and see it despite the funny timings on offer and when I just suggested that Manjiree and Ranjan join me, they too jumped at the invitation after their own research. So, off the three Rajgopauls went to the movies for a Sunday matinee show and none of them has any regret for having done so.

It is a very plausible story line with each character perfectly fitting into the plot and all the actors ably portraying each character to make it a very enjoyable experience. We were perhaps able to enjoy it more than a Western audience would because of,  some of the nuances that the use of the Hindi language brings in.  But that is a minor factor which should not deter my readers from seeing it as they are not too many.

My one disappointment with the film was that A R Rahman was not made better use of. Unlike other Indian films, there is hardly any music, and what there is is very subtle and in the background. This little disappointment is more than made up by the low decibel sound effects!

I have no hesitation whatsoever in giving this film a full house rating of [rating=6]

PS.  We saw some trailers which has intrigued us as well and August promises to be filled with a few more outings for movies.

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