The Inessential Belongings That We Collect.

I am not surprised that this topic was chosen by Magpie for a LBC post some time ago.. I couldn’t have done it. I wonder if it is because he collects inessential belongings that he has earned that name!

Having used my recent house arrest usefully to rationalize my wardrobe and library, right on top of my list are books and clothes. I am glad that for now, I have no inessentials in those two categories.

The next attack will be on my large collection of crockery, cutlery and kitchen stuff that have accumulated over the years, due to running more than one household on more than one occasion.

With the advent of the i-pod, all my music discs, tapes and cds had become inessential and they too have been discarded. Unfortunately, I have just read that the old discs have now come back in demand for antique collectors and I can’t exploit the development. Part of the downside of getting rid of “inessentials” I suppose.

I wish desperately that I can get rid of the most annoying essentials of all. Regrettably, I am unable to and seek some advise from my readers on any formulas. I mean memories of course. Having just been through a period of relative idleness, these were the most annoying.

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