The Irishman.

My readers have perhaps noticed that I have stopped reviewing movies. I stopped going to movies because of the need to walk long distances in the malls where the multiplexes were located and my COPD came in the way of doing that comfortably. Somehow, despite Netflix, Amazon Prime and what else have you, having been installed at home by the younger generation, I never got around to watch any except the rare one which I happened to see if they were watching earlier than their normal time in the late nights.

I however sat up late last night for three and a half hours and watched The Irishman as, I just could not resist the temptation of seeing De Niro, Pacino and Pesci in a Martin Scorsese directed film. Thanks to its being available in Netflix I did this much to my satisfaction.

For people of my age, the characters in the film, Jimmy Hoffa, the Kennedy brothers, Nixon the mafia dons etc were familiar figures and just having finished reading Ken Follet’s Edge Of Eternity where some of these personalities feature too, it was an orgy of nostalgia for those days of wonder. Once again synchronicity playing a memorable role in my life.

For those of my vintage, this is a must see film. The characterisation, cinematography and direction with period details are simply magnificent. I intend seeing it again after some time to catch up on some dialogues that I think I did not quite catch due to poor reception.

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  1. This is on my list. Between reading, local pro-casino “activism,” and some traveling, I haven’t watched much lately. However, we have made it to the movies twice in the last couple of weeks — the first all of 2019, I think — to see the new “Terminator” movie and “Midway.”

    I’m so sorry that your health is limiting you in what you enjoy. What a blessing, though, good books and streaming media can be.

    Almost all of my reading these days is by way of electronic media. With most of it e-books checked out online from our local library and some KindleUnlimited from Amazon, in recent months, my reading expenses have dropped precipitously.

    I certainly will have to watch “The Irishman” soon.
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  2. Yes, I did watch it. A great distraction. The anti-aging technology fascinated me, apparently it cost a fortune to take their ancient faces off and dewrinkle them. A truly amazing story all based on history.

    I honestly believe that mobs still run all politics, whatever we call them, corporations, lobbies, special interest, blackmail, etc.

    Nothing has changed.


      1. Our local politicians here aren’t influenced by any sort of mob.

        One organization does seem to have excessive influence. That organization has been sarcastically referred to as “the Sunday morning social club.”

        Its formal name is “First Baptist Church.”
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  3. Not a film that attracts me. I don’t enjoy films about mobsters, gangsters, action heroes and such. And Wisewebwoman is right, behind the scenes mobs of one kind or another are running our lives and our so-called democratic institutions. Btw, why is it called The Irishman? What’s the Irish connection?

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