The Jaguar Lady.

My cup runneth over.

If it is not the lion lady, it is the jaguar lady.

This is a charming young lady Justine Sophia-Rabia.


Providence sent Justine, a professional ballet dancer trained by Gelsey Kirkland of New York City, to meet up with me at Pune earlier this afternoon. For once, I was not unduly bothered with a curtailed siesta. I was fascinated by her demeanour and with her permission decided to share one of her works with my readers called The Night Of The Jaguar.

This 11-minute ballet conceptualised and choreographed by Justine, was shot and directed by my friend Jay Ponti with who my regular readers are already familiar. This dance depicts a battle of conquest over humanity’s downfall in black and white with shadow play of good and evil. Justine says that she has tried to fuse Western ballet dance with Indian mythology and this is one such effort.

This short film will precede a film that is being produced for Peacelink.

Both Jay and Justine are disciples of Yogiraj Siddhanath who has an ashram in Pune to which Jay is a regular visitor. Hopefully Justine too will become one and I look forward to seeing both of them more often in the future too.

11 thoughts on “The Jaguar Lady.”

  1. Not knowledgeable about ballet but it was graceful and entertaining . Interesting the alternation between B&W and colour . What is the music – sounded very much like Tchaikovsky ( some strains reminiscent of “Swan Lake”) i . Incidentally there is a novel titled ” Night of the Jaguar” . Thanks for sharing and best of luck to Justine and Jay Ponti .

  2. what a delight! she is just beautiful. as is he.
    I enjoy modern interpretational ballet. and to choreograph as well as dance … well… she is a double edged sword! no pun intended. lol.
    I took ballet for 6 years. but was not dedicated enough to continue.
    and it was too expensive to continue without that dedication.
    at least it helped me through those “awkward” years. and i still enjoy seeing it.
    thank you for this bit of culture with my morning coffee rummy!
    tammy j recently posted..a dark and stormy night

    1. She is a shy reticent person in person though that may have been because she met me for the first time. The way she moved however was awesome. The ballet training no doubt.

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