4 thoughts on “The Jaguar.”

  1. OMG rummy!!!
    you know i loved that spot.
    i cannot believe i’m not from england. i love it so.
    my bob owned a jag’~u~aw … LOL one year. only over here they say
    it had black leather upholstery and a burled walnut dashboard.
    it was a work of art.
    and as expensive as a work of art too! LOL. ah. the good ole days.
    eh wot old bean?
    this post comment is dedicated to the beloved sean connery of india!
    tammyj recently posted..hark!

    1. Your beloved SC of India drives a Suzuki Swift. Seeing how I enjoy shifting gears, Ranjan during a recent drive suggested that I give serious consideration to an automatic shift and I promptly turned the offer down.

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