The Judge.


If I had anything to do with it, this movie will get the Oscar for best film of 2014. Yes, it is that good.

Two actors who I think are absolutely brilliant, Robert Duvall and Robert Downey Jr. bring their roles alive with some superb acting. The story, the dialogues, the direction, photography everything falls into one whole remarkable package worth spending a cool 142 minutes of screening time. I normally dislike movies that run for longer than 120, but this one kept me glued to the seat and asking for more.

The story resonated with me for its portrayal of the difficult relationship between the father and the son with which I could identify. The other characters who come in to play minor roles do their part and I only wish that they could have been shown as more powerful characters, but I suppose that the running time had to be kept in time and this is where some very tight editing has come in making it worth watching for a rather unusual time.

No question about it, it fully deserves a [rating=6] rating.  Don’t miss it.

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