The King Uses Commoners’ Toilet.

My readers will remember my writing about my niece Lady Lioness. I was reminded of her again today when I received this clip from a friend who too remembered the blog post.

The movie is taken at Gir National Park and you can hear visiting tourists having a good time watching the Lion coming out of the toilet.

I am told that the guides inevitably inform the visitors to check that there are no lions inside the public toilet before entering them in the Reserve. Quite how they do this is a mystery yet to be solved.

12 thoughts on “The King Uses Commoners’ Toilet.”

  1. Before I use a public toilet, I always check there isn’t a lion inside. I shout very loudly “Is there a lion in there?” and if there’s an angry roar, I don’t go in.

  2. Hmmm, what happens if you are in there (no lion) doing your business and it comes in after you. Gives new meaning to the statement ” I think I’ll hold it!”
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. There are so many possibilities that one can imagine all kinds of scenarios. To start with, how did the tourists know that he was there before they started shooting that clip?

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