The Last Page.

Continuing where I left off with the fist page of a novel that I may or may not write, the weekly 2 on 1 topic for today is on the last page of the same novel. You can go over to Shackman’s blog to see what he has to offer on the same topic.

My take?

And just to make it a little more interesting for my fellow writer Shackman.

I better run for cover as I suspect that Shackman, currently domiciled in Texas is likely to come after me with a six shooter.

14 thoughts on “The Last Page.”

  1. you’re never safe. you’ve heard of bounty hunters Rummy?
    but here’s what saved you.
    any song from Rick Nelson. oh good lord.
    whoever thought Elvis was the one? WRONG.
    change the word novel to memoirs and dig in man! SH
    tammy j recently butts and coconut

    1. actually my first reaction to ‘the end’ was laughter.
      i was momentarily carried away by Ricky Nelson. I had a crush on him.
      and the more i think about it… the more you should print it as your book! the first and last page. i can see all their faces now and the initial surprise. 🙂
      it will tell all distant future generations of your family and friends what your sense of humor was like. and they would hope to inherit the same if they’re lucky!
      tammy j recently butts and coconut

      1. In the order of the funniest to the least funny, my immediate younger brother Arvind followed by our sister Padmini. me and then the third sibling Barath are all blessed with good sense of humour. Almost the entire family are thanks primarily to our mother who had an amazing sense of humour.

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