The Last Sufferer.

The Common Man, made immortal by our famous cartoonist R K Laxmn is the last sufferer in the above cartoon. He is the sod who pays the massive amount of indirect taxes in India which goes to finance all the shenanigans of our establishment.

The highest form of shenanigans is currently going on in our parliament. Parliament is held to ransom by unruly behaviour from our elected representatives who are playing politics at the common man’s expense.

The common man would get sacked if he did not do the work he was appointed to do and got paid for. The common man has appointed our legislators to legislate. They are not doing it at great cost to their employers. This has been caught beautifully by another noted cartoonist Ajit Ninan

I as a common man have decided that I shall not cast my vote for any sitting legislator be it for our state assembly or for our parliament. In other words, sack him/her using the only tool that I have at my disposal.

I earnestly request my fellow common women and men of India to do the same to express our disgust and displeasure.

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