The Law Of Attraction?

The Jack in the jack fruit is derived from the Malayalam word Chakka for it. It is one of my all time favourites and I gorge on it whenever it is available. I love to eat the fruit as well its seed after boiling and removing the hard cover from the seed. One of the reasons that we don’t get much of it in many homes is the mess one makes while removing the outer cover to get at the wedges.

During the lockdown, our help were not coming to work and I thought that I would at least get the seeds from a dear friends and ex colleagues from Kerala who has a few trees growing in his garden in Kerala. While they were ready and only too willing to oblige, the courier companies and the post office unfortunately were not willing to accept packages for destinations in our state. So, I had to inform them that I shall bug them next year by which time hopefully the lockdown would have been removed everywhere.

I still craved for the seeds in particular and I think that this is where the Law Of Attraction kicked in. My daughter in love’s mother had procured two fruits and today, one of them was cut open by one of the maids who has been allowed to come to work. The surprise was that the fruit was from a tree in the garden of my daughter in love’s maternal home in Pune. I got my wish fulfilled and these seeds shown here are about to be boiled and covers removed so that I can have my favourite snack.

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  1. Only those who had eaten this fruit can appreciate its sweetness. As one of the manager at Coats at Koratti every Bungalow had at least 3 Jack fruit trees and the yield per tree will be in dozens. As one is not able to eat that many fruits we distribute to others. My mom is fond of making hairs a time consuming process but can be preserved for long. In a city lifestyle such things are not possible

    1. In Pune, it is possible but, this year, due to Covid it called delayed that is all. Otherwise, every year in season we get even peeled / seeded fruit in retail. Bigbasket used to deliver at home but not this year.

  2. “उत्साहीः लभते कार्यम्”
    Though Covid/ environments hindered you realising your favourite fervour from the designated source/s, nevertheless you achieved it!!

    1. I expect that they are now airlifted and so fairly ripe ones should be available to you. Chances are that they would come not from India but, from closer home from one of the South Eastern nations.

  3. I enjoyed the video. why did she oil her hands? is it stickery to handle?
    I also wonder what it tastes like! I see now why small cans of it are so expensive. I’m sure the freshness of the fruit and its taste makes a difference if one cuts it open like in the video.
    I’m glad you got to enjoy this favorite treat!

  4. After your vivid description of desire I now wish I were a Jackfruit. But then you’d finish me off. So a bit of an own goal.

    Had forgotten about the “Law of Attraction”. Vaguely reminds of a similar notion, namely, that “that what we need we attract into our lives”. To say I marvel at that assertion is an understatement. Why would I “attract” into my life something/someone that/who causes nothing but discomfort and strife? To test me and my resolve? For what purpose? At the moment that accolade goes to my father. He’ll be eighty four quite soon and still appears to have his faculties. But he doesn’t hear me. Or maybe he doesn’t listen. Or maybe he only hears what he wants to hear. Totally missing any nuance I may offer. Not, of course, that one “attracts into one’s life” one’s father. He was there before you, and instrumental in bringing you about in the first place. But seriously . . . what did I do before conceived to now having to roll my eyes at his offerings? I wish I were a pineapple. Not the easiest fruit to tackle without a knife.


      1. Bad luck, Ramana.

        As of this afternoon my father has booted me out of “his life” for good, and I quote his reply to an email of mine in which I tried to smooth the waves. Loosely translated: “Any post of this sender [that’s me, his daughter] will, with immediate effect, be junked.” You know, junk as in spam.

        Whatever. I have tried tried tried and then some. What he doesn’t realize that by severing all ties TWICE in the last couple of weeks, and despite my efforts to reconnect, effectively he has given me “permission” to never talk to him again. As results go you can’t beat it.


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