The Legend Of Tarzan.


It was like going back to my school days and seeing Johnny Weissmuller. After seventy years, I saw Tarzan and Jane in a movie yesterday.

Let me start at the beginning. My friend Ramesh and I had gone to see a Hindi film but were late reaching the theater. By the time we reached there, the management had decided to cancel the show as there were no viewers. We were too late! We were told that had we been just ten minutes early, we could have seen the film despite being only two viewers.

Having gone that far, we enquired about what other films were running in the multiplex and found that The Legend Of Tarzan was about to start in a few minutes and decided to see it despite not originally wanting to see it at all. And guess what? Including the two of us, there were only four viewers for the movie. I suspect that the weather, it is raining cats and dogs here, should be blamed for this phenomenon!

The experience was mixed. To start with, the film was in 3D and I am always uncomfortable wearing the extra pair of glasses to see the film. Other than that, the special effects were rather exaggerated but it was compensated for by the storyline and action. Any way, for me, it was like being a young lad again and I came away from the theater with a lot of nostalgia for those Black and White films with Tarzan.

If you would like that kind of an experience, I would recommend your seeing it if you can.

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  1. reliving you early life is always fun – as long as you haven’t planned swinging from the trees and yelling (I think it’s termed yodelling) loudly… I can imagine a certain woman in your household wouldn’t be pleased, neither your “hips” 🙂

    but I’ll let you imagine it…

  2. i too enjoyed the old tarzan films.
    and remember watching them on saturday morning on tv. never saw one in the theatre.
    i especially liked when he wrestled crocodiles under the water!
    and i loved his relationship with jane.
    so i’ll see this one probably. but NOT in 3-D! that always gives me a headache for some reason.
    thanks for the memories!
    tammy j recently posted..for sentimental reasons

  3. Oh, yes, let’s not forget Jane! She was the reason I wanted to see the movie—the rest didn’t appeal to me. Are movies poorly attended there? I know you mentioned the rain, but 2 viewers seems extreme! Movies have suffered here too, with some theaters closing. It seems the millennials are “going to the movies” on their computers!
    Still the Lucky Few recently posted..Happenings in Paradise – A Journalist is Born

    1. Barring a couple of occasions, I have rarely seen crowded theaters since the advent of the multiplex cinema houses here. But, I always go during week days for matinee shows only.

  4. Some of my earliest memories are of being taken to the cinema by my mother to see Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan. Did he ever say “Me Tarzan. You Jane” ? .. and does he say it in this new movie ?

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