The London and Sibling Rajgopauls.

This post is at the request of some of the readers to show photographs of the two lawyer Rajgopauls of London and I have decided to inclued their father as well.

The first one is, of Simon and Craig flanking Annie, their step mother. Simon is on the left.


The next one is of Craig, Simon and my brother Barath on Simon’s graduation day.

Simon's Graduation_crop

This third one is of Annie and Barath on their wedding day in London. Barath is in a traditional Indian attire.


The last one was taken from on top of a dining table by a guest at my father’s home five years ago, when all three brothers and our sister had gone on a day’s visit to our father. Barath was visiting India and we used the opportunity for the visit. I am on the extreme left, Arvind the number two brother is next, our father, Barath, and the baby of the family, Padmini on the extreme Right. BHB, the ‘funny’ clothes that I am wearing is our traditional South Indian dress of kurta and dhoti. Since I normally live in the Western part of India, instead of the dhoti, I normally wear a white trouser like garment, called, don’t laugh, pyjama. The word was assimilated into English from India by the Colonial Brits. You can see the cane I normally carry with me behind me in the corner!
barath 017

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