The Magnet.

I posted “I started a joke” earlier when I suddenly remembered that song. I am writing this before I am asked “What is the story?”

This is the story.

My lady friend SD from Bengaluru was on the phone the other day and suddenly, out of context said “You are a magnet, not I.” I bantered that yes, I was a magnet and attracted a lot of rusted old nails and useless iron filings and we had a good laugh.

It was later that I realized that the context was something that I had said to her at the start of the phone call. To my query how things were with her, she responded that she was very busy with the annual closing of accounts and I had quipped that I could understand, her being a magnate and all. She manages a non profit organisation on a voluntary basis without any remuneration and I just keep joking about her spending so much time on that without getting any compensation. I suppose that she heard me call her a magnet rather than a magnate and when I announced that my sister was due to arrive, she decided to call me a magnet.

I started a joke which turned out to have been misunderstood. That led me to remember that old classic.

And that is the story.

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