The Magnificent Seven.


I haven’t seen a blue blooded Western with gunmen, guns, horses, Indians, saloons etc, in a long long time. When I found that Denzel Washington was acting in a remake of The Magnificent Seven, I just couldn’t stop fretting till I was able to see it earlier today.

Like I so often find, the theater was almost empty and I am glad that I went today as with that kind of reception, it is almost certain that it will be taken off tomorrow. I don’t have to fret any more.

Denzel Washington is the only name that I could recognize in the entire team and he did not disappoint me. None of the others did either.

I have forgotten how many times I saw the 1960 version with heavy weights like Yul Brynner, Eli Wallach, Steve Mcqueen, and Charles Bronson in it. It was certainly more than four but quite by how many more, I can’t remember. It was that long ago.

The basic plot remains the same but the locale, characters and action differs from the 1960 version. The difference however does not take away anything from the attraction that such a story has for viewers.

I enjoyed it thoroughly as did my friend Ramesh. Both of us were thrilled to have seen another Western after such a long time.

If you have not already seen, it and you like to watch Westerns, this should be a ‘must see’ film on your list.


14 thoughts on “The Magnificent Seven.”

  1. A small group of people from our condo complex went to see it today, and their reactions were mixed. Two liked it, and one didn’t. I declined. The premise of the film didn’t really interest me. Thanks for these reviews, Ramana. I enjoy them!

  2. My father had an addiction to reading the Western genre, and a few years ago I got into reading them…just to see what attracted him. Some ways they are like the Mills & Boon romantic types – where there is a cowboy and a pretty girl…with a smattering of cattle and baddies. I still read them from time to time…

    1. Pre TV days, the only entertainment other than the rare movie, was reading and most of us would borrow from commercial libraries. My own favourite was Western books followed by humour like PG Wodehouse, action and thrillers.

  3. I was wondering if I should see it, as I also stopped to watch westerns. Unless it is The Horrible Eight but this is hardly a western. After your recommendation, I will certainly see it.

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