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  1. I totally understand people wanting to sleep separately for one reason or another – like snoring or duvet-grabbing or overheating. In fact the Queen and Prince Philip are said to have separate beds.

    But personally I love sleeping with Jenny and it causes me no problems. I enjoy the physical proximity and the sense of security it gives me. And Jenny loves the fact that I’m so hot when she’s feeling cold. But we each have a single duvet so there’s no duvet-grabbing. Both of us snore but only occasionally so it’s no big deal.
    nick recently posted..Forgiveness

  2. Oh, and I meant to say, I don’t know why people should assume marital problems just because a couple sleep separately. It can be for all sorts of entirely different reasons.
    nick recently posted..Forgiveness

    1. I should have included that question in the introduction of that article in my post. It did occur to me that there could be perfectly valid and mutually acceptable reasons for that.

    1. Grannymar, sixteen years next week. i feel for you. Alas, I don’t miss anyone snuggling up to me. Other than when the Angel was little. Of his own volition.

      Ursula recently posted..Authenticity

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