16 thoughts on “The Monsoon Is Here!”

  1. deep fried goodness – yum

    I love a good thunderstorm – always have. As a kid in Colorado I used to lay on my back in the front yard and look up at the sky as it rained – and as soon as the storm ended it was boats in the gutter for me

    1. I sat in our veranda and watched the rain and listened to the thunder for quite a while yesterday. Being the first rain of the season, it was a mind blowing experience. As a young lad, I too have floated paper boats in running rainwater!

    1. WWW, you are most welcome to my humble abode to partake in bajjis that we will specially make for you. And if you do that in the monsoon, there will be other goodies on order too.

  2. God that makes me homesick, other than my siblings, and their kids, I miss the South Indian food the most.

  3. What a wonderful way to celebrate rain. And your garden looks lovely. Your monsoon begins at the time that rain would look really good here. We had a thunderstorm a few days ago, lost our lights for a few hours, and had very little rain.

    Next time….
    Mother recently posted..Father’s Day

    1. Thank you. The monsoon has now intensified and it is more or less permanently overcast with frequent drizzles or showers. It is rare to see the sun out but we love it. Our lakes are getting filled, the rivers are in spate and ground water levels are rising.

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