8 thoughts on “The Monsoon. Phew!”

  1. so happy for pune and you!
    i’ve always liked the word monsoon.
    to get my blood pressure down i listen to rain and thunder on a cd.
    no music. just the blessed sound of RAIN. it’s healing.
    we’re still far below level in water that we need. nothing new. 🙂
    every drop is precious.
    tammyj recently posted..jerkin’ your chain?

    1. That is an interesting treatment for high bp! We rarely have thunder and lightning during the monsoon season. It is usually just incessant rain with varying intensity. There are usually breaks but they do not last for more than an hour or so. There are some parts of the country where there is still shortage and we will have to ration water. It is really a mixed blessing.

  2. We never run short of water, in Northern Ireland. In The south, they are introducing water rates, mind you the infrastructure needs to be sorted to stop old pipes leaking.
    Grannymar recently posted..What next?

  3. Sounds great. We’re now in South Dakota, where it’s normally dry, but it seems like they’ve had more precipitation than normal as it is very green for this time of the year.
    Mike recently posted..Abandoned Houses

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