The Monsoon Sets In.

It is raining finally. Last year, I had posted this on the 21st of June but today, it is exactly the same. Just ten days earlier.

It is not raining. It is pouring.

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12 thoughts on “The Monsoon Sets In.”

  1. Great for you! I know how much you appreciate the monsoon season.

    We’ve been wet way too much this year. We don’t have a “rainy season” as our precipitation is spread out over the year, usually with some extended periods without rain. We haven’t had a seven-day period without rain since September and that’s very unusual for us.
    Mike recently posted..On the Yellow

  2. If you have any Indian friends here in the UK, they will feel ‘right at home’ as it’s been raining almost non-stop in what will probably be the wettest June on record. At least I don’t have to water the garden or wash the car.

    1. Not having to water the garden is the biggest treat for our gardener during the monsoon months! The rains in the UK just now are playing havoc with the world cup cricket matches!

  3. LOLOL!!! a man after my own heart!
    and Rummy… I LOVE that picture of you and Koko. has little Chutki accepted the new member of the family? her princess throne had been a bit usurped at the time I think! ๐Ÿ™‚ all doggy pictures (and Sean’s!) and stories would be welcome!
    I hope I’m remembering Koko’s name correctly. I need to go back to that post.

    1. oh Rummy. just came from re visiting the Koko post.
      I remembered her name correctly but I had forgotten that she is blind.
      you said then that she was gently feeling her way around her new home.
      and that IS YOU! is it not? in the garden with the German shepherd?
      it’s not your usual form of dress in the pictures I’ve seen of you! I couldn’t make it appear bigger. regardless ~ it’s a happy wonderful picture.
      yes. an update on Koko and Chutki would be welcome!

      1. if I could cancel out this whole batch of my comments I would. and don’t mind if you do. they just take up space really. exactly what I get for not reading carefully. AAAGH.

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