14 thoughts on “The Monsoon Sets In.”

    1. Warm is a relative term. It is much cooler than it was last week and that makes for more comfort. The monsoon lasts normally between 12 tp 15 weeks.

  1. I’m so happy for you! And thank you for the pictures. 🙂

    Fingers crossed we will get a rainy season next month. There are no guarantees.

    1. I have seen some failed monsoons and can well understand the anxiety that the “there are no guarantees” can cause for a largely agrarian society like ours is.

  2. I think I would prefer monsoon to constant “oops we may have predicted todays’ weather a little wrong…” it was supposed to start raining with thunderstorm etc late today” it got going in the early hours of this morning (2am)…and hasn’t really abated, although I did see some sun very late arvo! And of course with no sun, dismal and damp…I’m not sure if it’s going to be any better tomorrow…

    1. I suspect our obsession with the arrival or delay in arrival of the monsoon is a trait that we picked up from the Brits. After all, their favourite topic of discussion is the weather! As I write this, it has been raining non-stop since this morning and it is lovely. I had gone out for lunch but was in a cab both ways and while did not get wet, was fascinated with the people on the road using either rain coats or umbrellas.

      1. I suspect it’s a bit like it can get here…with people umbrella/coat less in the rain – this particularly when we finally get a breather from the humidity and it starts to rain, usually mid/late arvo – of course, it had very little effect on the humidity as it’s a short sharp shower – then it’s back to humid as…
        In the end, you wish it hadn’t rained!

        Of course that’s summer – a bit different now, it’s winter and it looks like I might have to put the el.light back on as it’s dark and dismal @ 8am! It’s the kind of “light outdoors” that is going to herald a deluge, methinks…
        (of course the computer is lit up) 🙂

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