The Most Dangerous Issue In The World Today? 2 on 1# 8.

I think that the most dangerous issue in the world today is the rapidly depleting fresh water resources.

We have just had a major dispute between two states of India being settled by our Supreme Court on the issue of sharing river waters. There are some other states fighting with others for similar reasons and also cases of nations fighting with each other for river water sharing.

You can imagine what the world will be fighting over next when you consider that there will be places on earth where drinking water will not simply be available. If you can’t, I strongly recommend a book that I read a few years ago called THE WATER WARS BY CAMERON STRACHER

I try and save water at every possible occasion. There are a number of ways of doing this as can be learned here as an example.

Shackman has suggested today’s topic for the weekly 2 on 1 blog fest. Please check what he has to say on the same topic.

23 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Issue In The World Today? 2 on 1# 8.”

  1. Hi Rummy,

    Re-learning how to use water is important. However, investing in other ways to get water is also vital and countries need to start being creative and reach out to States that have the technology to do just that.

    On a different level though: G-d said He would never send a flood again, to terminate the Human Race (due to its wickedness). Before the present levels of human wickedness, we are witnessing today, I wonder if the contrary to flood is not a Divine Design to terminate the wicked. Food for thought.

    Max Coutinho recently posted..The Looming Threat in Mali and Burkina Faso: Ansar Dine, Ansaroul Islam, JNIM and AQIM

    1. We already have desalination plants operating in some parts of our very long coast and eventually, volumes should bring costs down like solar power has now done. Indeed your observation is food for thought. Perhaps another blog post in the future!

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