The Mumbai Terrorism.

I am still in reaction to 26/11. It is however extremely difficult for me to write all that I feel as I may create more problems than India already has. I have therefore decided that I shall simply give three links and let others speak for me.

The BBC still calls them Militants!

Official Pakistan is in denial.

Indian leadership continues to be indifferent to urban public opinion.

In this scenario, there are some non Indian and sane voices that can be heard.

I just need to make one comment about our political and administrative leadership for my Indian readers. It occurs to me that no amount of public expression of outrage and disgust is likely to have any impact on our current leadership. All the urban population put together, does not make a difference to the quality of the politicians who matter. All of them get elected from rural India and some enter through the back door of the Rajya Sabha. If you look at the response from that point of view, many things fall into place.

Urban and informed Indians must look for other methods to get the leadership to listen to them.

Now for the three links.

Irfan Hussein writes in the Dawn of Karachi.

PIR ZUBAIR SHAH and GRAHAM BOWLEY write in the New York Times.

For the icing on the cake an editorial from the New York Times.

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