The Mystery Of The Earworm.

For the past three days I have had this earworm bugging me. ┬áIt was also bugging me as to why it suddenly popped up in my consciousness. First it simply was the tune without the lyrics. When Manjiree returned home from a visit to her sister’s place, I asked her for the lyrics and since then the song has been bugging me.


It finally dawned on me just a while ago as to how I suddenly remembered this song. I remembered that this song is from a 1964 Hindi movie called Kohraa.

Once I realised that, everything fell into place.

On last Thursday a family friend had called on me. Her family name is Kaura. The similarities had played on my subconsciousness and brought up this old favourite song by association.

Awesome how our mind works!

10 thoughts on “The Mystery Of The Earworm.”

  1. I distinctly remember the occasion when a phrase from a Telugu story that I had studied in early 60s popped up in my head in the 90s. To this day, I have not been able to make the connection as to how or why?

    Considering that the phrase itself was nothing more than gibberish, even in Telugu, it is more of a mystery to me.
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  2. My husband produces a show featuring Broadway songs. He has six singers, and since he is the only one in the group with a piano, they practice here, in our condo. They practice for at least four months, once a week. They all have good voices, and the sound carries, but so far, our condo neighbors enjoy the music, and no one complains. All is well, except that if I stay here, I end up with a song in my head (an earworm) that won’t quit! A few lines of a particular song stick around for at least three days, and then finally subside. Drives me around the bend! I think I’ll go out tonight, during their practice!
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    1. You are very fortunate that your neighbours do not complain. My daughter in love who helped me with the lyrics for the song last Friday informed me this morning that the same song has been an earworm for her from that day onwards!

  3. once in the middle of summer a well known Christmas song got in my head and nearly drove me crazy! i didn’t know that’s known as an ear worm. but i see why now.
    some i don’t mind. but there is one particular silly one that even the words themselves can trigger it and i hear the music and by then it’s stuck. AAAGGGH!
    yes. the mind is incredible that way!
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  4. occasionally I will get musical earworms – but mainly I get “words” on something, be it something recent or long ago – that I can’t get out of my head, often with an accompanying graphic…

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