The Name Saga Continues.

Another peculiar story concerning names. Perhaps the Universe is not satisfied with just the two stories that I wrote about earlier.

I received a phone call from a friend of over thirty years to inform me of his first ever overseas trip to the UK and wanting some contacts there in case of need.

I immediately told him that in an emergency he should call Barath, my brother in London and he wanted to know the name again as there was a lot of static in the call. I started off by saying Barath Rajgopaul and to give a telephone number, when he interrupted me to say that Barath was in Mumbai and Ahmedabad and not in London. I was zapped and I asked him how this was possible as I should know about my brother’s whereabouts more than he would. He said, that he did not realise that I was talking about my brother and that he was talking about Bharat Rajgore, who was a colleague of mine over 32 years ago.

I was reminded of my ex colleague, and decided to get back in touch with Bharat Rajgore who I had known in 1985/90.

I did some detective work and found out the phone number and called Bharat up much to his delight and my satisfaction that an old colleague was still working and remembered me well.

A bad telephone connection resulted in my getting back in touch with an old colleague.

The friend who was to go to London has postponed his trip due to a death in his family and my brother Barath has to be kept on hold till the visit eventually takes place.

8 thoughts on “The Name Saga Continues.”

  1. amazing rummy! the things that happen to you that seemingly are accidents somehow. now I wonder!
    and usually of a lost person from your life years ago.
    I still remember that wonderful little film or video you had once on a post.
    the two men whose son and/or daughter got them together? and the young couple in it also discovered each other I think. I would like to see it again. I was taken by the lack of dialogue and yet the richness of the scenes and the beautiful acting.
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

    1. It is amazing indeed. There is another story waiting to be told that too happened on the same day that the telecon took place. Another ex colleague who I had last met in 1982, somehow got hold of my telephone number and called me to re-establish contact.

      I have sent you a link to the youtube video that you refer to by email. I hope that you enjoy it this time around as well.

  2. reconnecting seems so possible nowadays – I just re-met in the flesh S, who I actually had lost contact with and saw a posting of hers on a f/b page a while back – so we re-made contact through f/b…well she arrived here a couple of days ago with the gift I was talking about. Older of course, but still the same spark!

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