The Notebook.

The NotebookQuite how I got interested in seeing The Notebook is a mystery to me but I did pick up the idea from something I read somewhere and sent for a DVD which strangely enough came on the 13th inst.  I could not see it on V Day however but was able to see it last evening.  Lest my readers start imagining all kinds of things, no, there was no valentine involved.

This is one film that I would have most certainly liked to have seen when it was released in 2004 if someone had pointed out the theme to me then.  Urmeela’s dementia was quite advanced by then and perhaps even she would have liked to have seen the film as there are elements in the film with which both of us would have related.

It is a poignant story well directed and acted by seasoned actors.  The characters are very normal human and not some utopian ideal models.  I particularly enjoyed seeing all the old models of automobiles.  All in all a worthwhile movie to see, if one is willing to spend time on a good old fashioned love story with an element of care-giving thrown in.

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