The Obsession.

Gillian Orr in the Independent writes so eloquently about a subject that is receiving a lot of attention over here too.

I know of at least two cases of young ladies, one just starting her teen age who is more or less on a starvation diet, or at least what appears to me to be so, so that they can look like Twiggy.

I have written on earlier occasions also here and here and I find it extremely distressing that people are not being rational due to the constant barrage of the advertising industry on the ideal look.

The latest article that I have given a link to in the first paragraph says much about the state of affairs and I hope that women everywhere learn to ignore the subliminal attacks that are constantly at work in the media.

And coming to males, it is no less distressing. We have ads showing girls swooning over men wearing deos and men using fairness creams and encounter heavily perfumed men and funnily complexioned men all over the place.

In these rather unsettling times vis a vis differing views on beauty and personality, I found some humour too and I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did. It is particularly of relevance to me for obvious reasons.

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