The Obsession.

Gillian Orr in the Independent writes so eloquently about a subject that is receiving a lot of attention over here too.

I know of at least two cases of young ladies, one just starting her teen age who is more or less on a starvation diet, or at least what appears to me to be so, so that they can look like Twiggy.

I have written on earlier occasions also here and here and I find it extremely distressing that people are not being rational due to the constant barrage of the advertising industry on the ideal look.

The latest article that I have given a link to in the first paragraph says much about the state of affairs and I hope that women everywhere learn to ignore the subliminal attacks that are constantly at work in the media.

And coming to males, it is no less distressing. We have ads showing girls swooning over men wearing deos and men using fairness creams and encounter heavily perfumed men and funnily complexioned men all over the place.

In these rather unsettling times vis a vis differing views on beauty and personality, I found some humour too and I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did. It is particularly of relevance to me for obvious reasons.

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  1. It’s very sad that women feel such pressure to be physically perfect – and give in to it. And yes, I’m sure all the nonsense about perfect French women is nothing but hype. But there are no easy answers to the obsession with dieting, plastic surgery, anti-ageing creams and all the rest of it. For most people, self-acceptance is always a struggle.
    nick recently posted..The hair thing

  2. LOLOL!!! i thought it was a real newscast til the end.
    i am a freak of nature. neither my mother nor i ever had any underarm hair! i wonder if my maternal grandmother was the same?
    i never asked! she was very victorian. you didn’t discuss things like bare armpits with her! LOL. but i would suspect she didn’t have any either. some odd little glitch in the dna of our line i guess.
    true. weirdly bare as a baby’s bottom!
    i have no idea why. i just enjoyed it! as did my husband!
    i hear women hate to shave their underarms because it’s such a sensitive area. it burns apparently.
    maybe that’s why men have gone in for the scruffy look. there faces aren’t exposed to the razor burn. although kissing one would be awful.
    a full beard is not as scruffy and scratchy. just very nice. bob only grew a beard once in our married life and i loved it! the scruffy 2 day growth no … not so much. and as to the twiggy look. so sad. and ridiculous to make young girls … or old girls for that matter! … feel they have to look like a stick to be of value.

  3. You have hit on a very sad trend. But lately I have noticed that the modeling industry does not like that overly thin look. If a model is too thin, they will not hire her. The problem is with the photo editing. It gives a fake view of life.
    Delirious recently posted..Private

  4. None of this dieting, beauty is new!

    The eating disorders and that is what they finally become when a teen/other doesn’t know when “enough is enough” are rife in probably most western countries.

    When you think about foot binding in China – because some Emperor declared that “small feet” were the very best
    Cathy in NZ recently posted..Arriving at Auckland!

  5. Difference between being unshaven and wearing a beard! And i wish men wouldn’t spend so time waxing their chests. They are smoother than many women!!!

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