The Old Days.


I bet Shackman who suggested this topic for the weekly LBC post will post about his motorcycling days!

I too could but I have a very big problem which I shall share with my readers which will explain why I am not sharing those particular motorcycling days.

My problem is simply this; What old days? I simply have too many of them in my life. Sequentially, my childhood, boyhood, adolescence, early employment/bachelor days, early married life, parenthood, and so on and so forth and in between so many different places where I / we lived, so many different sets of friends and experiences and so on and so forth again.

Now you see my problem?

I will just take one employer out of the few that I had worked for to explain.

The longest I worked for anyone was for a company with who I stayed for 23 years. I was posted on four different occasions in Mumbai with them each time, having to move into a new residence at a new locality. In the same company, I was also posted on two different occasions in Delhi with the same problems of different residences. Besides these six postings, we were posted once at Calcutta, once at Kerala and once and Bengaluru. In Bengaluru, we also had to shift residence on two occasions.

I can talk about each place of residence as being one of the old days!

Apart from those many moves, we set up home in Pune where we have stayed put for now over a quarter of a century and I can talk about the days when Pune was just an overgrown village, whereas now it is a big pulsing metropolis.

During the time we have lived in Pune, we also set up two temporary homes in Tamil Nadu where I had to attend to two important assignments which involved my staying there. Should I talk about those old days?

Do you see my problem?


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  1. It is not often you are wrong with your guesses but this time you missed the mark. But while reading your post it dawned on me – I have no idea what you did in your working life.What was your profession? It seems Gypsy might be in the description – LOL.
    shackman recently posted..The old days – LBC 04/08

  2. Like you, I’ve moved around quite a bit over a lengthy lifetime. My recollections are of both good and bad events at each location. Therefore, I can’t easily attach a “good old days” label to living in any particular place.
    Dick Klade recently posted..Careful What You Wish For, Senators

  3. i think i’m actually like monk says… living them right now.
    and right now they are good.
    but i totally agree with you. each segment of our lives is like a life of its own while it lasts! it would be hard to pick a particular one.
    that and the fact that i’m trying to learn to REALLY live in the NOW! 🙂

  4. My dear Ramana, no, I don’t “see your problem”. Though I do understand your predicament when trying to pick which bits of the past to relate to others. Over a lifetime they are so many [bits and good old days].

    To me “the good old days” are just that: Good. And once upon a time, in the future, I shall look upon today as another “good old” (spanners in the works not withstanding).

    Looking at Cheerful Monk’s comment: Is she softening in her “good old days”? Normally, she’d just tell us that NOW is better than previous. It isn’t. It’s different. Each phase has its good and not so good. In the end I believe we are the sum of our experiences. And a little bit of nostalgia [for the good old days] may move those of us given to sentimentality to (joyful, sometimes sorrowful) tears. In a good way.

    Hug and kiss,
    Ursula recently posted..Shake can well before use

    1. The key word that you used and to which I am very partial, is ‘different’. Once we have that firmly settled, values of good or bad days disappear. All experiences are necessary to progress in life.

  5. Blame the human condition. The harder you try to cling to the precious moments of a truly fine day, the faster it disappears from our grasp! The best we can do is to promise ourselves to remember it—it’s like “bookmarking” it to some extent. Then at least we can revisit it and try to enjoy it again!
    Still the Lucky Few recently posted..Older Adults: Access the Gift of Creativity!

  6. Whew! You didn’t stay still long enough to have a collection of ‘the good old days.’
    blessings ~ maxi

  7. I’ve noticed your name popping up in comments on various blogs from time to time, so decided I should stop by to see what you are prompted to write about. Ah-h-h, “the old days!” I have many of those about which I could write a few words, and have in some instances, but that’s a mere reflection of age. As for “good” old days — if we classify some as such, what does that mean all the other days are? I agree that viewing the days as different — some more so than others which tends to make them more interesting — is how I prefer to reflect on “then” and “now”.

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