The Old Monk.

When a friend sent me this to suggest that I am now nearing monkhood myself, I could not but remember the Cheerful one.


Readers of this blog are familiar with Cheerful Monk. She is one of the earliest cheerleaders of this blog and has always encouraged me by asking very difficult questions or just saying “Yay”.

My friend however had another thought in sending that picture to me.  During my drinking days, of over fifteen years ago, when I could not get my first choice, malt whisky, I would drink only rum on lots of ice, and my favourite brand was:


Now that the topic has been opened up, I wonder what would happen if the Cheerful Monk and my old time favourite Old Monk got together! Will Cheerful Monk become more cheerful and will the Old Monk become older and wiser? Or will both of them end up on the rocks as suggested by my friend?

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  1. My dear Ramana, the thought of Cheerful Monk and Old Monk (your tipple of choice) getting together has caused me a lot of hilarity the last two hours. No need to wonder why. it just does. To answer your question: I think Cheerful Monk would definitely benefit from Old Monk. It’d be so good to see her letting her hair down, letting go of her reins in her endless attempts to keep herself together at all times, not any longer so convinced that you can will emotions into thought processes that’ll steer the course of one’s life at all times

    Forgive me for my imagination getting carried away: Cheerful Monk loosening her belt, taking her shoes off, dancing in the rain (arms outstretched to the sky), laughing apropos of nothing. Crying apropos of little. At an advanced state of the proceedings she may pause to look in wonderment at her generous use of smileys, puzzling over what they are there for and why they are always smiling in spite of predicaments offered on the silver platter of life. She will stop reminiscing about her days as a cheerleader and stop saying “Yay” (I don’t mind her smileys any longer – they come with her territory – but ‘YAY’? No. It’s too much of an abbreviation for a mature woman to express joy and, also, it errs on the side of Americans easily getting excited over very little – leaving less room for the real thing.)

    Oh, Ramana, I can see it now, you sitting between a Dock (yes, that’s me) and a hard place, enjoying the spectacle of Cheerful Monk releasing her inner hippy, all chilled. Tammy strewing plentyful meadow flowers on a poetic path, Bike Hike Babe playing the banjo, the drums, or feeding us something. Shackman, in the intervals, not only interjecting soundtracks, keeping the juices flowing and generally fighting any demons encroaching on our party. Bouncer by another name.

    Nick I’ll keep out of this, to him frankly bizarre, scenario. It would pain him too much. Grannymar? Well, it’ll depend what mood we might find her in. She’ll either tell some of us off for making too much noise, empty vessels that we are, or (best case scenario) she’ll knit us something, designed by her to fit our personalities. I am not holding my breath. I don’t know how she’ll do it but do it she will: A bottle shaped hat with a hole at the bottom for me – to empty the vessel as it fills). Wise Web Woman who, as her blog name says, is a wise woman (why didn’t she add a fourth W – namely ‘wicked’?) will join the celebration with abandon (watch the monks being sidetracked by her) and will stand by – in her mellow moments – with extra strength kitchen tissue to mop up the damage.

    All of you regulars on Ramana’s blog I haven’t allocated a role please do bear with me: I am a one woman band, my inner casting director briefly exhausted, he script writer having gone home. Please do ad lib with abandon.

    Yes, Cheerful Monk, considering that you see yourself a ‘visual’ person you should be gratified that I painted you a picture.

    Not so much “yay” as “hey’, and to quote you one of your favourites if slightly paraphrased: I hope it’ll “work” for you.

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    1. We earlier established that Rummuser is a compound word of Rum and Muser, because Musing is generally most effective after taking some Rum. What is not clear yet is whether the Muser part has any relationship to the nine Greek goddesses known as the Muses.
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