The Old Monk.

When a friend sent me this to suggest that I am now nearing monkhood myself, I could not but remember the Cheerful one.


Readers of this blog are familiar with Cheerful Monk. She is one of the earliest cheerleaders of this blog and has always encouraged me by asking very difficult questions or just saying “Yay”.

My friend however had another thought in sending that picture to me.  During my drinking days, of over fifteen years ago, when I could not get my first choice, malt whisky, I would drink only rum on lots of ice, and my favourite brand was:


Now that the topic has been opened up, I wonder what would happen if the Cheerful Monk and my old time favourite Old Monk got together! Will Cheerful Monk become more cheerful and will the Old Monk become older and wiser? Or will both of them end up on the rocks as suggested by my friend?

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