The One Child Family.

Due to medical reasons, Urmeela and I were forced to restrict ourselves to a single child. We never regretted that development and that single child has grown into a fine young man.

My three siblings had three, two and two children each and they too have grown into fine young people and most important, all the cousins are in good relationships with each other and distance that separates them does not seem to matter in this day of the internet and mobile telephony.

I have friends outside the family with one, two or even three children each as also some who chose not to have children at all.

I wrote about my own case of our parents choosing to have four children but they did belong to a different generation altogether. Subsequent to that India went on a massive family planning program that has made a significant impact on our population growth and even the illiterate understand the slogan “We two, Ours two” and access the system to plan for small families.


As a matter of curiosity, when I came across an intriguing headline in a news summary mail that I receive every day, I read the economic justification for single child families.

Many of my readers have single child families or at best two children families and they would find the article of some interest, albeit, now perhaps too late to worry about.

On the other hand, we have a publicly debated problem of a single child society in the case of China that has had serious long term implications on the demographic front vis a vis a growth oriented economy. We also have the case of Europe where societies have had to depend on immigration to balance requirements with population and that has raised other problems.

While the Malthusian disaster has been averted thanks to better agriculatural output and slowing down of populations, I wonder if mankind has to keep on tinkering with ideal family size norms as policies on a off and on basis for ever.

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  1. The sad thing about China is that they also have forced abortions. A friend of mine’s wife is pregnant and only about 9 weeks along. The doctor said, “I can’t hear a heartbeat, so we should abort this fetus.” But most doctors don’t hear a heartbeat that early. This particular doctor is a well known abortion doctor. I’m sure they are just following the party’s wishes. But it is sad to me that the people of China aren’t allowed more than one child. That seems such a huge infringement upon human rights!
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  2. better aim for smaller families. Too many cultures where big families are the norm, and the earth has too many people space for other species. And especially cultures where each kid is expected to have his/her seperate home, resources are strained. Every time i see stories of families with 6 or more children in the US, I have to ask why? Do you not have a responsibility to this earth? I think in India we should have one child for a generation or two to bring the population down

    1. We shall debate this in person Mitali. Such a development can have serious repercussions in the future with shortage of younger people with a growing older population.

  3. I think you can make a very strong case for only having one child. That was my husband’s preference, but he was amenable to two , which still fit in the zero population growth idea. I came from a big family (9 of us kids altogether) and he came form a family of 4 kids, but both of us felt that puts too big a strain on the earth’s resources.
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  4. Sad state of affairs, Rummy. We have a president who just signed a bill which makes it legal for girls of any age to purchase the “morning after” pill.

    No need to worry about over population here. Problem is more and more authority has been taken from parents. Yet, if something goes wrong who is held responsible?

    blessings ~ maxi
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  5. My marriage of some few decades, produced no offspring. It took nearly a decade to find out that my spouse was unable to father children…I am now spouse-free. Yes, I have missed out but it couldn’t be helped…I have contact with a niece and her children instead.
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  6. I have three children. If finances were better, I wanted five or 6 as both my parents came from big families. I saw how big and happy the reunions were. As to our own family, with my 3 siblings and their kids, we’re only a total of 13. The ancient home is never filled to capacity.
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