18 thoughts on “The Paradox!”

    1. The animals in the top picture use the footbridge over a road with heavy traffic whereas humans do not use the footbridge and use the road to stall moving traffic and also endangering themselves.

  1. amazing. i have never seen cattle climb stairs before.
    which is not the point of the comparison i know! but… still.
    especially in the rain and slippery.
    and when i clicked to make the pics bigger… they stayed the same size and moved to the upper left of my screen. ?! 😀
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

  2. When I clicked the picture became bigger. I love the photo! Clearly the person herding the cows had more sense than the people crossing the street.

  3. funny…my first impression was about how both humans and animals seem to be dressed in black skins (i can see one brown cow)!

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