The Persistent Salesman.

Today is my late father’s fourth death anniversary.

When he died, my brother Arvind in Chennai took out an obituary classified advertisement in the leading newspaper of the South, The Hindu. This was done as before he came to stay with me for the last four years of his life, he had spent the years 1975 to 2008 in the South.

Let me quote Arvind about the comedy that unfolded three days ago.

“I just got a phone call from The Hindu. The chap who spoke to me recalled an obituary ad that I had placed four years back on the death of my father the late Dr. K. Rajgopaul.
I asked him as to why he is bringing this matter up now after four years. He said that if I want to repeat the ad now, I will get a rebate of 10% on the cost of the ad. I burst out laughing saying that for the sake of a 10% discount, I can’t resurrect my father after four years and make him die all over again. And he had no answer for that.”

The comedy continued yesterday and Arvind had this to say.

“That bloke from The Hindu called me again yesterday. This time, he was quite clear that he was soliciting an ad for the fourth death anniversary of Appa. I advised him to let the dead be at peace with themselves and no point in stirring up memories. He didn’t relish it.”

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