The Person I Admire Most Is:

I do not want to intrude into his privacy and so he shall remain unnamed for this post.

He is an amazing individual who has been a quadriplegic for the past quarter century due to an automobile accident that left him paralysed below the hips.

He is my son’s friend and one of the most cheerful persons that I have ever met.  He lights up the atmosphere wherever he is and it is difficult to imagine him being invalid if one did not know the background.  Particularly so when he sits behind the counter in his shop that his family has been running for the past sixty plus years in Pune.

He is wheel chair bound but drives a car that has been specially adapted for him.  He is more mobile and active  than I am!

He has personally fought a civil suit as he lost confidence in his lawyer to get him justice and won it much to the amazement of the legal profession here.

His determination and never say die attitude can be summed up by a message that he sent me once when we were exchanging messages on an unrelated matter.

“Let us for once be pessimistic about our intellect and instead be optimistic about our faith.”

The topic for this LBC Friday post was suggested by Shackman. You can see what he and Pravin are upto in their respective blogs.

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