The Post Card.

With WhatsApp under pressure because of their recent message about accepting their new terms of privacy, many jokes are doing the rounds, mostly and appropriately perhaps, in WhatsApp and here is one that came my way from three different sources.
My response to one which was copy pasted for the others was “Absolutely. My father from the old school, used to add my degrees after my name: BA MBA. The postman asked my wife once what that surname meant!

My nephew overheard this and started calling me Bamba Mama.”

And that response from me reminded me of another post that I had written in this blog.

So, the postcard makes another appearance in my life. Here is the another one that was preceded by another to which there is a link in the post itself.

Note: In Indian languages relatives have specific names unlike the umbrella uncle and aunt in English.  Mama is specific for the brother of one’s mother.  In this instance, my nephew is my sister’s son.

6 thoughts on “The Post Card.”

  1. Interesting about the distinctions between aunt and uncle names.

    Women still get postcards from their gynecologists letting then know their pap smears are okay. I always thought that seemed a little too personal to be putting out there publicly.

  2. Daughter is a postcardist (yes, a real term) and connects with people around the world. It is quite a tribe.
    Fascinating stuff.
    How soon will everyone realize we have absolutely no privacy if we have an online life.


  3. the Internet has always seen itself as “one” IMHO, like in we invented the idea of “instant postcards” for you all.

    Somehow I don’t think they realise that years ago we communicated world wide with pen and paper – lightweight airmail paper, aerograms, postcards, and of course (greeting) cards. Or we visited with people and had long conversations about all kinds of things…

    If we wanted to learn something, we might have an encyclopedia (volumes of them), took a real class with a teacher and others, or we bought a book that showed us the finer details.

    I’ve probably missed a few things … but you get the idea.

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