The POTUS And India

I came across an interesting news item that I wish to share with my readers, particularly the ones from the USA.

It is interesting for me because two buildings in my neighbourhood, just 200 Mts away as the crow flies from my home which stand out tall and menacing because they are completely black an look ominous. Unlike all the other buildings in the neighbourhood, these have no open windows or balconies and I have not yet come across anyone who has ever seen anyone living there.

The buildings are shown in the articles as well.

4 thoughts on “The POTUS And India”

  1. It has always been my contention that real estate is one of if not the most corrupt industries on the planet. The article states that in India political ties have long been the fastest route to getting approval for big projects. Name somewhere where that is not the case. The road to fortune runs rapidly through the real estate world. Trump now tries to boost his brand and business interests almost openly while catering to a base that represents 30-35% of our population and since he has little success actually governing his sole purpose seems to be to dismantle the legacy line by line of POTUS44. Unfortunately, we/he are rapidly approaching the moment when power must speak to truth.

    It should surprise no one in India that Trump’s Indian partners are in some ways ethically challenged. Look at Trump’s business practices historically – numerous bankruptcies, multiple instances of refusing to pay small contractors agreed upon fees for services rendered in order to force a settlement for substantially less – things he considers “just good business”. etc.

    I could go on and on but I think you get my point. India can and likely will continue to build these shiny monoliths to “success”, growing the bank accounts of a few, providing work to many and allowing the common Indian to look with pride upon the success and growing stature of the country. POTUS 45 will simply smile as he looks at his monthly bank statements. I suppose in some quarters that could be considered a win-win proposition.

    1. The real estate sector in India is not exactly the source from where I would try for a son in law if I had a daughter or a daughter in law if I had an unmarried son. I am not surprised at the news but just thought that I should share the news with my readers.

      There are some very good builders with great reputations who are totally ethical here but, they are few and far between.

      As you, say, in some quarters it has been a win win situation for everyone.

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