The Power Of Modern Mass Media.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive these comments in my post on The Post.

“Hi Sir,

We are so excited to see your POST.
This is Shiva, Director of IPPADIKKU. It was a small Initiative from our team to send PostCard through Newspapers to remind people about the Lost Emotion.

We are Super Excited to see your blog carrying the our POSTCARD Picture and our effort Paid-off. Glad it reached you. Super Happy.”

The writer Shiva had left a message on Facebook as well so that I don’t miss his joy.  I had no problems at all accepting his request to make him my friend as well.  Another immigrant to our glorious city from my roots.

Shiva has also produced another clip showing how the postcards were distributed.  This is a scene that is repeated across Pune in the mornings and it is rare not to get a flier along with the morning news papers.  Alan you can see how many newspapers these vendors distribute every morning besides selling from their counters.

Here is a clip showing how the post card reached me.

8 thoughts on “The Power Of Modern Mass Media.”

  1. Interesting! What interests me even more is when I was watching the video I got an ad saying my arrest record was online. I closed the ad but am curious about why it came up. 🙂
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Grandpups

      1. Annoyingly my headphones have gone on strike (again) so till the Angel has fixed it I won’t be able to partake in your offering..

        I’ll trump Cheerful Monk and her ‘arrest record’. This morning I had a recorded phone message which left me shaking in my boots notwithstanding that I am barefoot today. Strange the things that make your hands tremble. I listened to the last few days’ messages on my answerphone. One left on 1 Aug informing me that a “warrant for your arrest has been issued”. Let’s leave aside that I’d never ever knowingly do anything to land me in prison – not least because I can’t imagine to live in such a confined space. The name of the law firm given, dealing with my “case”, is in the States (yes, I googled them). The woman, reading from a script, with an unmistakable Thai accent. Which, in itself, is not suspicious.

        Anyway, what do you do when not having committed a hanging offence? You call Hampshire Police for advice. That’s what. Apparently they were inundated with same question by callers on 1 Aug. Some scam. Good. Excellent. Yet, I still feel sick to my stomach. Why do people do this sort of thing?

        Ursula recently posted..Vibrant

  2. Well, Ramana, apparently to be “after a whole town” is not a “new one”. First thing the police officer asked me whether my land line is listed in the local phone directory. Bingo.

    It doesn’t really matter. No one will beat me into submission. But i did feel a bit of an adrenaline rush.

    Your word being my command I just watched the clip, sound or no sound. Genius. What I’d like to know: Why are the simplest ideas often the most difficult to arrive at?

    Ursula recently posted..Vibrant

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