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  1. I’ve never seen him before. he used the word “right” so much that it was distracting to me. which is interesting. because he made such excellent points and then ended almost every idea or statement with the question “right?” as if he didn’t know you would believe him. similar to the days when the fad was to say “you know” constantly for validation.
    in their own way the millennials are as lost as the ‘Lost Generation’ who went so many years before them. missing the technical gadgets of course. but still lost.
    it’s sad. and rather frightening. but with enlightened people like him at least ‘talking’ about it all perhaps it can be changed where it needs to be changed. although the power hungry moguls of the corporate world are not the ideal way to be either. they and their ideas of success are as pitiful as the millennials’ problems. what a mess. as he said… “not their fault.” but it’s like watching a totally bratty child. we tend to dislike the actions of the child. and it’s the parent who is to blame.

    1. I too found his use of the word “right” rather tiring just as I do when some youngsters here use “like” instead. Other than that however his observations are as valid for young people here as it is for the West. That is why I thought it fit to share with my readers.

  2. While the video is interesting, it doesn’t match my experiences with most Millennials or other younger adults that I have taught and worked with. Of course, they all either had a technical degree in either engineering or science or had served in the navy in a technical field for years. Some had both. By the time I worked with them, they had been at the plant for at least two years.

    If any of them felt entitled, life experiences had set them straight.
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    1. Mike, their exposure to the Navy must have made that difference. It is a different ball game altogether after you go through the military training. I have seen the same difference between youngsters straight out of schools and colleges and students who have served a short service commission in our armed forces.

  3. Excellent video.
    It’s the problem with the world rather than millennials. I’ve been to dinner parties where all the SENIORS can’t get off their devices or are side-eyeing the devices in their laps or sticking out of purses or hanging off belts. It is dreadful. I’ve gone to the extent of leaving the group and going out to my car and getting mine as no one is engaging in conversation or have empty stares, it’s like talking to yourself.
    I find the millennials I know totally engaging, intelligent thinkers. Maybe I am lucky.


    1. I find them engaging and challenging too and I have quite a few of them in my life from my alumni group and from friends of my son and daughter in love. I often regret not having the same environment in which I studied and worked that modern India provides them.

  4. I think they have too many distractions – the technology that regular folk didn’t always have access too…for many decades. And there are a vast amount of career/employment options…some easier to accomplish than others.

    My original career was touch typist – and I was pretty good at it – on a manual typewriter. Then suddenly there were newer versions with more whistles and bells, and now of course, I would need to know how to use all kinds of programs within my computer that does so much more than word processing!

    Because instead of aligning up my carbon paper and typing longish documents…I would need to be able to multi task because once I’ve typed up my document, I can hit a button and send it to the recipient. I don’t have to put it in a huge filing cabinet either – it’s stored in the darn “cloud”

    If I had stayed in that world, I might have been able to get retraining…maybe not. But I might well have become obsolete pretty quickly.

    the Millennial according to this interview isn’t interested in typing “documents” they are out to change the world – “right” 🙂
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    1. Our struggles were different from theirs but both had to handle problems alright. It is not as though we did not have distractions. We had but it was not on a 24/7 basis. I find that some self discipline is called for like the one I observed last Sunday when I had gone for a meeting with some Academics. We were requested to switch off our cell phones before the meeting started. We were able to focus on the matter at hand and none of switched on the phones even during the lunch that followed. The sky did not fall down during those very stimulating hours.

  5. I barely noticed his use of the word “right” but then I over use “like” in the same way that teen age girls do. I know I do it, I don’t like it when others do it but I pick up linguistic habits easily and that’s one of them!

    I love what he has to say, too

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