The Reluctant Fundamentalist.

The reluctant

I had read the book as soon it was available in India way back some years ago. I liked the book and ever since the movie version was released in Pune last week, had been wanting to see the movie. Due to some reason or the other, including prospective dates not being able to find the time to accompany me, I had not been able to till I finally decided that I will go alone and see it.

I did so earlier this afternoon and have come back to write about the movie.

For people who have read the novel, the story is rather different in its presentation though the basic message remains the same. The ending is different and I would have really preferred the novel’s ending though for some one who has not read the novel, this ending is perfect.

This is one incident when one can safely say that both the novel and the film do justice to the story and the message.

I strongly recommend both the novel and the movie to my readers.

Nandu, I indulged in a large glass of green tea while waiting for the movie to start and had a big box of salted popcorn after the interval.  So, all your parameters fulfilled.