The Right Question.

Not that I consider myself to be a Wise Man but, I certainly have a question at the end of this post for my readers.

As my readers know, I am part of a group of Senior Citizens from the fields of Management and Management Education. We meet at irregular intervals to discuss on pre-determined topics and are otherwise in touch with each other and the group via telephone and WhatsApp besides the now getting old fashioned emails.

Through this group I have recently got to meet two individuals who had met me when I was employed in a Pune company twenty years ago. I had also come to know about another colleague who meets a member during his morning walks and exchanged best wishes.

Some months ago, one forenoon, when I answered the door bell, I saw another colleague from the same company with a box of sweets who had just dropped in to say hello and revive the old connection. Since then, we are in regular touch through social media and phone calls and plan to meet for a face to face meeting soon.

Last Friday, one of the members of the group had come home for lunch and stayed on for a while reminiscing about his connections from those days.

Last Sunday, I had been invited by one of the members of our group to be part of a symposium on a topic of spiritual matters. In that meeting, the chairperson looked familiar and I just could not place him. After the session was over, he came up to me and greeted me warmly and recollected his days with a sister company of the same company.

Such incidents simply refuse to let me forget the three years that I spent with the company! Not quite nostalgia but, incidents that keep cropping up at regular intervals to revive my memories!

Do such things happen to my readers?

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  1. Hi Rummy,

    I liked the image in this post: asking the right questions is capital in life (as it saves us from a lot of troubles). Of course asking the correct questions demands an utmost attention to details, and most people today just don’t bother. Too many distractions, I suppose.

    To answer your questions: no, such things do not happen to me. At least not yet. Let’s see in the future :).

    Max Coutinho recently posted..Attacks in Christchurch, NZ: Far-Right Terrorism?

    1. You really start noticing these things only after retirement when you have the time to reflect on events and happenings. You have some way to go before you reach there.

  2. there have been chances for me to interact with past employees and co workers.
    but other than one grand evening I have since disappeared from the radar.
    it’s like my life is compartmentalized. and that little compartment is closed.
    I’m not a sage and my work wasn’t as important or far reaching as yours! I’m just glad I was able to stay with it. I am reaping the benefits now. I suppose I don’t sound like a modern 21st Century woman. but it’s true. if I’d had a choice I’d truly have rather had my Bob with me all these years.

    1. May be it is the novelty of the social media here that has enabled many groups to form on social media to enable reunions and refreshing old associations. Not only I, but my friends too confirms that this happens to them as well. And, as you point out, my working life was intra national to start with and global towards the end and so, I made more contacts as well. I still credit social media for this phenomenon.

  3. I’ve never kept in touch with anyone from my various workplaces. I guess it’s just sheer laziness on my part and their part! But I’m meeting new people all the time so I’m not bothered about those I’ve lost touch with.

    1. I don’t go out of my way to look for old colleagues. In all the cases that I have mentioned in this post, sheer accidents in three cases and in one case, the initiative taken by the other party. When such things happen, I don’t discourage resumption of contact.

  4. I rarelyrun into anyone butI have to say – anyone I met along the highway of my life that meant something to me is someone I am still in contact with.

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