The Ring Bearer Lets Me Down.

tolkeing ring

My friend and ring bearer Conrad has gone and done the unimaginable. He has lost the ring on which so much depended of my future. It is now in such hands that I doubt very much that he will be able to recover it again.

You can see the immediate fall out with my betrothed swearing off marriage for ever. Okay, I can understand the stranger speaking French in Paris failing and an Englishman failing and succeeding with an American, but I had high hopes, what being an Indian, and the original version at that, who could speak reasonably good English, who can lay claims to a home very near the Marylebone Registry Office. I had also assumed that the betrothal will last for ever what with Conrad assuring the safe keeping of the ring and promising to produce it at need.

Now, all hope is lost and I am devastated. The only thing that can undevastate me is for my betrothed to agree to be satisfied with a Mangalsutra.

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