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  1. You never know what will happen. One of the saddest things I’ve read is a woman who survived the Hiroshima bombing. She had been fixing a meal and her daughter — three or four years old — wanted some of the mandarin oranges she was fixing. It was one of her favorite foods, but her mother said she had to wait. The mother survived, the daughter didn’t, and for the rest of her life the mother regretted saying no.
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    1. You may recollect my older posts on terror attacks in Mumbai and Pune. I know people who lost near ones in those attacks. When I was led to this clip, I was reminded of those people.

    2. I know what you mean. Wildfires remind me of former neighbors. Their land was adjacent to ours — they loved it and we loved having them there. The woman had two horses and a dog and loved to go riding — she kept debating should she work part time and enjoy being up there or work more and retire sooner. When the fire came they weren’t home and a friend of theirs came and rescued the dog and let the horses out so they would have a chance. Unfortunately they ran into the fire. The neighbors were heartbroken and moved elsewhere instead of rebuilding. Since then the husband died of cancer.

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  2. oh
    darling little farooq.
    i don’t even know you and i am crying. crying for all the little farooqs out there.
    when will this stupid terror ever end.
    this is an amazingly made small film. thank you for sharing it rummy.
    just look at all its awards!
    maybe it should be shown to the terrorists. if it even touched ONE of their hearts it would be worth it.
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