The Servant Problem.

This article in the Economist inspired this post.

Being part of the BRIC group, India cannot be left behind now can it? I vaguely remembered an article that I had read some time ago and came across this, on research.

Not that I need such articles to write about this problem. Almost every other week or so, one of our neighbours would want to talk to our helps Mangal and/or Yakob to find a replacement for an absconding servant.

As I have mentioned in my gratitude list these two stalwarts have been with us for long and are like members of our family. Both realize that we are three helpless males and need their help to run our household and cheerfully do what is needed to be done. We trust them completely to the extent of even giving the keys to the house to them whenever necessary.

I suspect that the problem that the others face has more to do with how they treat their help than any inherent fickleness on the part of the help.

It is also possible that in the growing economy, other opportunities will be available for the servant class and we too will have to move to the kind of lives that people in the West live, ie, sans servants. In fact, I am quite prepared to accept that way of life if it became necessary.

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