The Sialkot Saga.


It was during May of this glorious summer here that we had Vandana and Bala, visit us at home. The former is Manjiree’s elder sister and the latter her devoted husband.

Bala and I share a passion for Indian authors and we exchanged some notes about recent books that we had read.  Bala was planning to buy a new book by Ashwin Sanghi and was all praise for it.  I was not very well at that point of time and was less than enthusiastic about the conversation and soon forgot all about it.

Thursday last week, I received a parcel containing this book. Bala, all the way from Kolkata sent this to me to keep a promise he had made to let me have the book after he had finished reading it.

I was reading another very interesting book when this was received but I decided to promote this ahead of the other books in the queue for reasons that I am unable to explain even to myself.  Be that as it may, I started to read it on Saturday and as I write this on Monday at 9.30 pm, I have just finished reading it.  Not reading it while other chores called was extremely difficult.  It was that good and gripping.

I have made up my mind to read all his other books though I was not particularly impressed with his The Krishna Key.

Thank you Bala. I wish that I could get such surprises every day!

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    1. For me remembering the content is not a problem but remembering the titles to decide whether I have already read a book or not is. I inevitable have to go to description of the book to see if I have already read it before I purchase it.

  1. I like reading as well, but of recent weeks when I needed more light reading, if the book started jumping all over and not getting on with what I thought it should – placed smartly back in the public library system…got 3 right now, that have only been glanced at – but hopefully 2 of them will get a solid “to the end” reading…

    This particular vein of reading is to slow me down because of the onerous personal job I have undertaken to move out of one house and into a much smaller unit…

    I already inadvertently today, have overdone it…so reading, browsing and napping is in order

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