The Sky Is The Limit.

Today’s topic has been suggested by the youngest member of our group Sanjana who still has many miles to go before she sleeps. The rest of us six, except Maria who too still has some catching up to do, are all past or are on the proverbial three score and ten land mark and perhaps have other thoughts on the matter. Sanjana is also likely to write on technology and science, where there perhaps the sky is the limit whereas for me having been there and done that, goals are different and perhaps for my readers and fellow 6/1 bloggers, exotic. Maria is new to the group and it will be interesting to see her take on the subject.

I am a Vedantin. The core idea in that school of thought is “Brahma Satyam, Jagat Mithya, Jivo Brahmaiva Naparaha.” as so beautifully explained by Adi Shankara.

If you have gone to the article as given in the link you would have seen that Brahman is limitless and the Truth and that the Jiva, that is the individual is not different/apart from Brahman and therefore he too is limitless. The goal of the individual in this life is to ultimately REALISE that truth and be free and limitless. I have capitalised and highlighted the word REALISE to explain that it it the process of making something real that is only conceptual to start with. This is a matter for understanding.

This is my take on this week’s Friday 6 On 1 blog post topic. The other five bloggers who write on the same topic every Friday are Maria. Sanjana, PadmumRaju, Shackman and Conrad.  This week’s topic was suggested by Sanjana. Please do go over to their respective blogs to see what they have to say on the topic. Thank you.

17 thoughts on “The Sky Is The Limit.”

  1. Is this a joke? Ramana, I may not be in the first flush of my youth – nor even the second. Nor for that matter the third. But I am by no means anywhere near the threescore and ten mark. I’m only 57. Having said that, I’m probably old enough to be Sanjana’s mother. Even her grandmother. But early motherhood does not run in my family. I’m only a grandmother by default, after all. Lovely post, deep and profound as always. It’s the kind of post that you take a good, long look at. Then save it up to read later, when I have time to absorb it. And I will.

    1. My sincere apologies Maria. I had drafted the post before you agreed to join and did not correct the first paragraph, which I now have. I hope that you will find the new paragraph more realistic. Having got that out of the way, I hope that you will re-comment after your absorption.

      1. Be careful what you write, isn’t it true? I came across as aggressive in that comment when I was only trying to be humorous. I don’t mind being considered older than I am. I’m honoured to be in such august company. Besides, how we age depends on ourselves. Maintenance is important. I’ve read your post for the second time. I don’t think I’ll be able to absorb it properly until the sixth or seventh reading.

        1. Actually you didn’t come across as aggressive…. I certainly felt you and Ramana (maybe because I know him a bit) shone in perfectly good jest. Yes, this post is very good food for thought, I happened to scan through Conrad’s and that too is so well written, and I’m sure all the others.

  2. In meditation today, the thoughts were in accepting the slow process of the autumn of our lives before winter sets in and not anticipate the decline too much.

    That’s all I have to offer. I’m not much into the sky today.


  3. I tried the Adi Shankara link, but it just said {forbidden}. Unfortunately for a lot of people in desperate circumstances the sky is not the limit, their lives are full of everyday restrictions which prevent them being what they could be. But certainly if you have some kind of passion or burning ambition, you should pursue it and not find excuses for limiting yourself.

  4. This – as in spirituality – was an interesting direction to take this open-ended topic in. Very deep and meaningful post, despite being short I delved into the links sent and the philosophies preached. Well written article!

    1. Thank you Sanjana. It is my firm belief that it is never too early to start on this journey, there will be others who will advice you that it is too early for you. I hope that the interest that I have kindled in you will eventually take you to be on the journey.

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