4 thoughts on “The Story Of My Life”

  1. I never planned anything – other than dinner. That’s why “what happened” I sometimes marvel at in amazement. Still, at least I know who to thank for any knot I managed to tie myself into.

    There is a saying I don’t know whether I loathe or endorse: “If you don’t know where you are going you’ll get there”. One of the reasons I don’t use SatNav.

    Holding onto my paddle,


  2. I love it and I certainly fit that second part of the picture, and I continue to be in the sector… I often think now of a plan – but somehow it always finds a path offside and I have just as much fun on that one…until the next offside path.

    I’m beginning to see that one goal/plan isn’t actually a great idea – we have to open to other opportunities. I could have been like my elderly sister and just never use a computer in this way. Yes, she has a computer but uses it like a typewriter and filing system….
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Yes, it’s Friday “again…”

    1. What I liked most in the picture on the right are the loops. It had not originally hit me but another friend pointed out that the loops were the most interesting interludes in his life and on reflection, I found it true too.

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