The Sudden Stop.


Mulla Nasrudin fell from the scaffold and dropped three floors. Other workers rushed to the spot and one of them asked him,”Are you hurt by the fall?”
“It wasn’t the fall that hurt me,” Mulla groaned. “It was the sudden stop.”

18 thoughts on “The Sudden Stop.”

  1. Have you ever watched George Carlin, the comedian? He said something, once, about not understanding the appeal of non-stop flights. He wanted his flights to stop. Preferably at his destination.
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      1. “If [your] son would allow you to”?? You are SCARING me, Ramana. I have two kids. What is this, like, their revenge for BEING kids? For all the things you didn’t “allow” them to do when they were 10??
        Holly Jahangiri recently posted..Hamilton Pool

  2. It reminds me of the fellow who jumped off the Empire State Building. As He passed the 8th floor someone asked how it was going. “It’s just fine so far!” he happily answered.
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  3. Mullah N story is story of modern self introspection … It is close to non existent as most people are living through Indriyas (sense organs) which in engineering terms is a poor instrumentation device for understanding Deeper Truths which can give us lasting joy and bliss.

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