The Taklus.

Taklu is a Hindi word that means bald.I am a taklu.

Almost all my friends and male relatives are too. Our group of friends who regularly visit the local joggers park is called JPTC. Joggers Park Taklu Club.

I started to grey when I was around eighteen and started losing hair on my head in my late forties. Now, I have a nice friar’s fringe and a few strands of hair on the top. I insist on getting a discount from my barber because there is so little for him to trim and he always quips that it is more difficult to find hair to trim.

I have known many others who tried to hide the greying process by dying their hair and the balding ones by using all kinds of advertised lotions to stop the hair from falling. I am yet to come across anyone who succeeded in the latter though.

There are others who grow hair on one side or in the back and bring it either across the pate or forward to hide the bald patch. I am usually amused to see this as it is always obvious and considerable effort is needed to keep the hair from flying off from the place intended for it.

There are yet others who use wigs which again amuses me.

I personally prefer to let nature do what it does. What you see is what you get. I am also told on excellent authority that bald men are perceived to be ahem, sexy! Just think of Telly Savallas, Sean Connery, Yul Brynner or Andre Agassi. If you care to read another post of mine on the same subject, you can visit this. If you do, please do read all the comments and responses too. To add some more hilarity, please do go to the links given on the post. (Since posting this, I have been advised that the link to Conrad’s post does not work. A pity.)

I do not personally know the gentleman in this story, but can relate to the writer’s amusement with his trying to cover his bald patch and also the generic weakness of vain males.

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