The Third Wheel.

That photograph shows my brother Arvind’s two daughters, two sons in law, son and daughter in law besides his six grand children. They are all at Chennai now to attend a family wedding and this is a fantastic photograph of the family.

Arvind showcased this on his facebook page and promptly was asked by my sister Padmini as to where he and his wife Shanta were. I just could not resist the temptation and commented there that Arvind and Shanta should do what Preeti Natarajan did.
Just five minutes ago, I get an email from my son and heir Ranjan : “Means we can take you along on our anniversary trip? ”


Come August, it will be Ranjan’s and Manjiree’s first wedding anniversary and they are planning on a holiday, destination yet to be finalised. Instead of leaving me alone to land myself into all kinds of trouble they have been trying to persuade me to accompany them and I have been resisting them as I do not want to be a kabab mein haddi. In Hindustani that means ‘a piece of bone in the kebab.’

But to go as their official photographer is a different ball game altogether!

Would you do it if you were me?

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