The Traveller And The Old Married Couple.

Having recently written a series of posts on Travelling, when I came across these two very interesting things,  I thought it best to share them, with my readers though there is little travelling except for the mention of a traveller in the second story. There are however powerful messages in both  for some of my friends!

The first story is about a young lady who has decided to take travelling to a new high.  She is permanently travelling.  You don’t believe me?  Just read this please.

The next one is actually a joke.  Enjoy!!

A traveler once visited a small village in the countryside. At the local bar, someone asked him if he was married. ‘Divorced, actually. Never could find a woman I didn’t end up fighting with all the time.’

‘Then you should go talk to the old couple that lives on the hill outside the village, rumor has it that they have been married over 60 years and they never fought this whole time.’

‘What?? That’s impossible! Everyone has fights!’  Exclaimed the traveler. But the local swore to him it was the truth and nothing but.

The traveler just had to check it out, and in the morning he knocked on the door of the little house on the hill and was immediately welcomed by the husband, who invited him for tea. After the traveler explained why he came to see him, the man smiled and nodded.

‘It’s true, we never fight.’

‘PLEASE,’ Begged the traveler, ‘can you tell me your secret??’


‘Well,’ said the old man, ‘It all started about 60 years ago, right after the wedding. We were riding our mule back to town and walking it down the street when it tripped over a stone and my wife said to him “That’s one.”

We kept riding and he tripped again on another stone, which made my wife immediately say: “That’s two.”

Two minutes later, the mule trips over a stone again. My wife said: “That’s three.” pulled out a gun I never knew she had and shot it in the head without thinking twice! I was shocked and yelled at her: “What the heck do you think you’re doing?? We needed that mule! Are you crazy???”

My wife looked me straight in the eye and said: “That’s one.

And we haven’t had a fight since.

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  1. That story came to my attention yesterday. In my opinion it’s a publicity stunt. Fact is that she uses friends and family to overnight. By her own admission she has to attend university three days a week during which travelling is out of the question. I am not knocking her idea as an experiment just saying that it’s not quite as drastic a measure as the media (and herself) have made it out to be.

    Ursula recently posted..Gnashers

    1. Wouldn’t you say that it is interesting nevertheless? There was a time of about a year, 1968 when I lived off a suitcase and living in hotels and railway stations, followed by another in 1969 for about six months after my marriage when Urmeela went off to her mother’s place and I took on an all India survey. I have lived like that and I know that it is possible.

  2. Leonie has hit on a clever way of living – cheap, sociable, free of possessions and bricks-and-mortar, life stripped to the minimum. A refreshing alternative to conventional lifestyles. I don’t see how it’s a publicity stunt – publicity stunt for what purpose exactly? I can’t see that it’s drastic either – just different from the way people are expected to live.
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