The Triker!


Manjiree took me shopping yesterday and on the way, I pointed out to her the kind of two wheelers converted to be used by the physically handicapped and said that I would be satisfied to use one of these, if she and Ranjan felt that I would be a menace on the kind of vehicle that I posted yesterday.

She hemmed and hawed and wanted to know why I was determined to do such a thing not quite befitting someone of my vintage.

My answer?

motorcycle and chicks

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  1. Your what? Vintage? We have people here well in their eighties on motor bikes. I don’t know exactly what your physical condition is, other than hip replacement, but surely, with hand controls, anything is possible. And the hotter it looks, the better. Your choice, no one else’s. IMHO. By the way, have you ever thought of a segway? Stand up ride, seat belt, hand controls, battery powered for several hours, easy to park, lean forward to go, back to stop. No, I don’t work for them. We have tours of the city here on them, and a club that meets once per week. I’ve often thought I’d love to try one. But first, I want a bottle green astin martin- as soon as I win the lottery. Happy trails to you.

  2. I agree, the triker makes a lot of sense. The problem is the other guys on the road. From what I hear, Indian drivers aren’t the most considerate in the world.

    I knew a woman who used one of those little scooters for the handicapped and drove all around town with her little dog in the basket. As I recall, she was supposed to stay on the sidewalks, though. She did have a flair to her, and no doubt you would do just as well. 🙂
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  3. A trike is a great alternative. I’ve seen beautiful high-end ones too, some custom-made by bike-lovers. Age – meh. If you can, you can – and if you’re passionate about it, all the more reason to. I do understand Manjiree’s concern for you though, and if I’m guessing right, you’re not going to be allowed near a bike or trike any time soon. Love conquers all, right? 🙂

  4. I know that you are teasing, but I think to get yourself a scooter is a great idea. Soooo cool. You would look great in one of your white outfits flowing behind you, wrapping around knees of a nice chick sitting behind you. I am sure there would be plenty of brave ones.

    1. I was riding two wheelers till quite recently Anna. It is only after the second revision to one of my replaced hips that I stopped. I simply want to avoid possible problems of stopping with one leg stretched out to support the bike that I want a scooter like the one I have shown in the post.

      1. You are serious about two wheelers, this is fantastic. But don’t you have to support yourself with one leg on the scooter as well? Anyhow, go for it!

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